Gallery | 2008

This gallery contains albums from 2008.

2008_05 | Lagos, Nigeria

This was a trip from Lagos out to the Eredo - a 100 mile defensive ditch dug in the middle ages as the border of one of the kingdoms of the area. Apparently it took more human effort to build than the pyramids.

2008_08 | Trip Across America

August 2008 - pictures from our bike trip across America from Chicago to Seattle. Along the way we took in Sturgis ND, Yellowstone Park, Bozeman MT, Spokane, Okanagan Valley, Canada, whistler and Squamish, Vancouver BC and finally down to Seattle. Trip took 14 days and I covered 3994 miles. I had the pleasure of my old friends Glenn & Saija MacArtney for company on the trip and also my old Friend Lars Byrlev for the portion from Minneapolis to Sturgis. What a great trip!


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