Gallery | 2010

This gallery contains my various photo album posts. Hope you enjoy them.

2010_04 | 1987 KLR650 Bike Restoration

Took my 1987 KLR650 A1 over to Dad's place in Northern Ireland at the beginning of April 2010. Completely stripped down the bike, repainted, refurbished and rebuilt her over about 2.5 weeks.

2010_10 | Morocco Bike Trip

Shots from a 6 day trip (2700km) around Morocco on a Harley with Glenn MacArtney. Amazing trip and even brushed up on my French a little :) Thanks to the hosts with the most Antoine & Emma in Casablanca.

2010_11 | Spanish Road Trip

Pictures from trip to Madrid and Granada in Spain in November 2010. Including a little road trip through Don Quijote country in La Mancha

2010_12 | December In Holland

Some images around where we live during the snowy month of December. Also some pictures of decorating and of Christmas as well.

2010_12 | New Years Eve 2010

New Year's eve 2010 celebrated in Delft with Peter, Francesca and some friends. The day in the year when the normally sensible Dutch go crazy with alcohol and explosives - in that order!


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