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This gallery contains albums from 2011.

2011_01 | Solar Eclipse

At 10am in the morning on January 4th, 2011 there was a partial solar eclipse visible from northern Europe. With up to 90% of the sun's disk being obscured in Sweden. I managed to take a couple of shots of it below using 4 pairs of sunglasses in front of the lens.

2011_01 | Operation Soda Farl

how to make proper Northern Irish Soda Bread

2011_01 | Crème Brûlée

No animals or humans were harmed in the Creme Brulee experiment.

2011_01 | Crab Cakes

Making Crab Cakes - this was really tasty, although I didn't chop stuff finely enough! Oh well - will improve the next time!

2011_01 | Rack of Lamb Persillade

This is a traditional French recipe with Persil (French for ParsIey) being the foundation for the coating on the lamb. I based this loosely on Ina Gartners recipe form Barefoot Contessa. It was the best tasting dish that I've ever made. And relatively simple as well.

2011_03 | A week in Normandy

Normandy trip March 21st - 29th, 2011. These are some pictures that we took around the city of Rouen and also on our trip to the Mont Saint-Michel in western Normandy on the border with Brittany.

2011_03 | Le dîner chez Huby

Le dîner chez Huby - dîner avec nos nouveaux amis Serge et Marie-Laure Huby à Rouen - March 26th, 2011. We really should have taken more pictures. The evening was entirely in French and we had a great time. What a great way to road-test what we'd picked up over the prior 5 days. We will definitely be heading back soon.

2011_03 | Vimy Ridge Canadian Memorial

Vimy Ridge Canadian Memorial - Arras, Nord-Pas-de-Calais.

2011_04 | Koninginnedag in Delft

Celebrated Queen's Day, April 30th, in Delft with a few members of the old Tuesday Club!

2011_06 | Morocco trip and Wedding

Gallery of a week in Morocco, sightseeing in Marrakech and Essaouria as well as going to Antoine and Emma's wedding in the Atlas mountains. Absolutely outstanding. [Click on images for text description]

2011_07 | Solo178

Solo 178 - The Grey C.

2011_09 | Fes

Some pictures of Fes, on the way to Dakar, 2011

2011_09 | Agadir (1)

Couple of snaps around Agadir

2011_09 | Agadir (2)

Agadir - Thought I had a blown shock - turned out it was fine!

2011_09 | Agadir to Tarfaya

Agadir to Tarfaya

2011_09 | Tarfaya - Dakhla

Tarfaya - Dakhla

2011_09 | Dakhla - Nouhadibou

Dakhla - Nouhadibou

2011_09 | Nouhadibou


2011_09 | Nouakchott


2011_09 | Nouakchott - St-Louis

Nouakchott - St-Louis

2011_09 | St Louis - Dakar

St Louis - Dakar

2011_09 | Last Day in Dakar

Last Day in Dakar



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