Day 19 – Nouakchott, Mauritania

September 20th, 2011
Today has officially been designated a recovery and administrative day ……… which means essentially that when I recover from my hangover I will do some admin and work out how to get me and the bike back to Holland! Ok, so that’s my excuse to loose a day on the road. Decide that everything will be done from Dakar and contact Nick Glenville at Maersk Logistics in Dakar. Decide that Chinese food is on the menu in Nouakchott tonight. And there is indeed a Chinese centre that serves Chinese workers that are in Nouakchott – usually telecoms guys. Unfortunately they only speak mandarin, not even French and while the food is excellent even asking for soy sauce proves to be a bit problematic.

Early to bed …. and yes, I may have had to have a recovery power nap in the afternoon, advancing years appear to be affecting my ability to recover from a night on the Scotch sauce.

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